International Association of Duncan Certified Ceramic Teachers

Membership in the International Association of Duncan Certified Ceramic Teachers, IADCCT, is one of the very special honors available to you when you become a Duncan Certified Teacher. When you join IADCCT, you will discover a rich network of support, ideas and activities that will enhance and expand your creative ceramics life.

Benefits to membership in IADCCT include:

  • An annual two-day International Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada which is designed to keep you abreast of the latest in techniques, new products and industry trends. Sessions include hands-on workshops taught by top ceramic instructors using the products plus valuable business and professional information is offered.
  • Regional Educational Programs that bring the advantages of IADCCT closer to home are hosted by various chapters and/or members. Educational Showcase "Inservice" programs are scheduled throughout the country. These are hosted by Manufacturers, Distributors or Ceramic Related Businesses. These on-sight presentations give awareness of their facilities, products and their contributions to the Ceramic Industry.
  • The "Youth Program" part of the Educational Showcase allows credits for working in ceramics with our youth.
  • Quarterly newsletter to keep you on top of what is happening with other members and all IADCCT scheduled functions.
  • Membership directory: Annual memberships validated by January 31 of each year are listed in the IADCCT annual directory, which becomes a valuable resource to help you contact and communicate with fellow CTDs.

Visit the IADCCT web site for more information about this wonderful and inspiring organization.  IADCCT Website

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