History of Duncan Ceramic Education

In the 1960s, hobby ceramics was growing by leaps and bounds, and Duncan Enterprises saw the need to provide ceramists with consistent quality education. In July of 1968, Robert Duncan announced the launch of the Duncan Ceramic Products Teacher Certification Program, which was to become the Hallmark of Ceramics Knowledge.

Since 1968, more than 60,000 students worldwide have participated in the Duncan Ceramics Teacher Educational program, which is taught by the foremost ceramics experts in the world--Duncan Ambassadors.

As education with Duncan Enterprises grew, so did the need for special recognition for its thousands of dedicated students. In the beginning, it was thought that receiving a CDT (Certified Duncan Teacher Award) and a Shield Club Award for 10 courses would be about all anyone would ever want to acheive.

Duncan soon realized the need to create yet another award level and asked its Ambassadors to name an award for the completion of 25 educational courses. They unanimously decided to name the award after Erma Duncan. Since then, CDTs have gone on winning awards for participation in up to 100 courses.

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