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Courtyard Art GlazesViews : 1321


Product Features
Kiln Required Yes
Cone Firing Range 06
Finish Antique
Coverage 2 to 3 coats
Food Safe Yes
Nontoxic Yes
Available Sizes 4 oz., assorted pints
Item # : 80378
  1. Mix well
  2. Apply 2-3 coats to cone 04 bisque.
  3. Let dry between coats.
  4. Stilt and fire to cone 06. 
  • Courtyard Art Glazes can be applied with a sponge, spritz bottle or brush.
  • When spritzing on Courtyard Art Glazes, use the spray or mist setting for base coat coverage. For full coverage, spritz on 3-4 coats depending on the color of glaze; lighter colors require more coats.
  • To create detail over spritzing, mix 1/2 Concepts color and 1/2 water. Use stream setting on spritz bottle for thin lines of color, spots or drip effects.
  • Some colors can be fired at mid-range (cone 5-6); we recommend performing a test piece and dryfooting the pieces. 
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