TM5 761 OASIS 16 OZ

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TM5 761 OASIS 16 OZ

Product Features
Kiln Required Yes
Cone Firing Range 5 to 6
Finish Matte
Coverage 2 to 3 coats
Food Safe Yes
Nontoxic Yes
Available Sizes 16 oz.
Item # : 43119    SIZE : 16 OZ
  1. Apply 2-3 flowing coats to stoneware or porcelain that has been bisque fired to cone 04.
  2. Dry foot piece.
  3. Do not stilt when firing.
  4. Fire to cone 5-6.
  5. Clean brushes with water.

Crater effects – use Cassius Basaltic clay to create a unique crater effect. See what the body does with full coverage application at the lip, mid application on the hips, and minimal application near the foot.

Applying Clear Glaze – create a darker, glossy hue by applying Pure Brilliance® Clear Glaze over True Matte 5 Glazes. Pure Brilliance® is formulated for cone 06 firing, but can withstand firing temperatures up to cone 6. It is recommended to create a test tile prior to application on your project to ensure desired results. 

Be sure to read the label to make sure you are applying the right glaze to the right clay body. 

Looking for the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) information for this product? Call 1-800-CERAMIC for assistance.
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