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Product Features
Kiln Required Yes
Cone Firing Range 06 to 6
Finish Gloss - Opaque, Semi-Opaque, Transparent
Coverage 3 coats
Food Safe Yes
Nontoxic Yes
Available Sizes 4 oz., assorted pints and gallons
Item # : 97670
  1. Apply to witness cone 04 bisque.
  2. Apply 3 flowing coats unless otherwise stated on jar label.
  3. Allow to dry thoroughly.
  4. Fire to witness cone 06.
  5. Thin with water or Thin ‘n Shade if needed.  

Over Underglazes – While transparent (colored) Envision Glazes can be used over underglazes, their color may change the colors of the underglazes. Test fire a small sample to be sure of satisfactory results.

Transparent colors are best on detailed pieces.

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