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Granite isn’t just for countertops these days! Add it to your projects for a rockin’ effect with Duncan Granite Stone® - textured, nontoxic colors resembling mountain granite with realistic sparkling flecks. Duncan Granite Stone® colors are available in a rich, thick formula that brushes on easily and works well with all other acrylic products. These colors can be applied with a variety of techniques to ceramic bisque, fired glazed surfaces, wicker, wood, plaster, glass, papier-mâché silk flowers and leaves. Rock on!

Item # : 96895    SIZE : 4 OZ
  1. Stir contents of jar thoroughly.
  2. Apply one generous coat with a soft brush.
  3. Let dry, then apply second generous coat in a crosshatched manner.
  4. Do not fire.
  • Design Technique - Sketch design on item, then apply two coats of Granite Stone colors to the various areas of the design.
  • Raised Decoration - Create a background and design with two coats of Granite Stone colors. For raised detailing, apply 3-4 coats to desired areas.

Give old ceramic items a brand-new look by adding one or more Granite Stone colors on design. Make sure surface is clean and dry before redecorating.

Granite Stone colors work on baskets and other wicker items. This gives a fresh, updated look to old Easter baskets and more.

Old glass figurines and containers take on new life with accents or total coverage of Granite Stone colors. Great gift ideas!

Terra cotta flower pots and water-stained planters can be beautified with one or more Granite Stone colors.

Wooden frames rescued from attics or junk shops can be modernized with Granite Stone colors. Chips and cracks are hidden, too!

When Granite Stone is dry, use a dampened sponge to wipe over entire piece for a glitterier sparkle.

Do not apply Granite Stone to a glazed surface that will hold water (inside vases).

Brush and Product Care - Clean brushes with water immediately after use. Give brushes an occasional deep cleaning in Duncan Brush Cleaner. Wipe rims of jars and insides of lids, then close tightly.

Removing product - To further remove glitter, work hair conditioner into the bristles of the brush. The hair conditioner will help release the excess glitter from the ferrule. 

Looking for the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) information for this product? Call 1-800-CERAMIC for assistance.
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